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    "We are two Swedish engineers with a passion for watches and product development. About a year ago we were both shopping for watches but came to the same conclusion as so many others. Beautiful high quality watches are expensive and in many cases overpriced. So we thought to ourselves, why not develop our own watch, our version of the perfect watch?
    The idea was a beautiful, minimalistic watch of great quality, but at the same time affordable. We did not want to design a fashion watch since they quickly go out of style. Instead we wanted to create something that could be worn with great pride for ages to come - a truly timeless watch. And so the Jacob & Sköld brand was born.
    The inspiration for the watches came from the Stockholm archipelago, were we have spent so many summers. We have designed the watches from scratch using modern tools such as computer aided design. Thanks to being engineers with experience from product development there were no need to outsource any step of the design process.
    Therefore the watches could be made with incredible creative freedom. The result of our fantastic journey is the beautiful Archipelago with it's classic features. The watch will suit anyone with a great sense of style. It goes just as well with a suit as it does with a casual outfit"

    -Jacob and Michael
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